We, at GLOVAL INC., know that the best way to ensure security, quality and value is to put the best possible candidates into our armored car crew positions. We’ve designed a screening process that is professionally executed, and together with our training program, helps to produce knowledgeable and reliable staff. We do extensive background checks and our employees are handpicked for character, attitude, personal discipline and commitment.

Customer service has been the driving inspiration behind our firm. We are known for commitment to customer and service and we are recognized again and again for superior delivery.  Security Insider ranked GLOVAL Inc. Security Services “Highest in Security Service Customer Satisfaction”. 


Every month, we measure customer satisfaction by surveying hundreds of our customers. Each Security Officer earns a bonus incentive based on positive customer review.

We utilize every resource at our disposal to ensure smooth internal communication. Our unrivaled portfolio in every industry has ensured we continue to surpass the changing needs of our customers and deliver quality high-value protection.


Available 24 – 7 and report to our Director of Operations, assuring proper management of day-to-day operations. Field Operation Managers direct Field Supervisors, reviewing daily activity reports of the armored crewmembers. These reports enable our Field Operation Managers to rate our crewmembers  in their performance.


Available 24 – 7 and are trained to handle the duties of armored car personnel. T. Field Supervisors visit their assigned routes providing our crewmembers with new rules, regulations, security changes, and to conduct uniform and equipment inspections. Should a crewmember need to be relieved or replaced, our Field Supervisors are trained and capable to manage any transition.

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